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Sushi and Vietnamese Rolls

A variety of fresh salmon or prawns on rice with seaweed or squid salad

    Sushi hand roll ________ $3.80

Your choice of

Teriyaki chicken roll

Avacado roll

Tuna roll

Smoked Salmon roll

Vegetarian roll

California Roll (crab meat)

Price is per hand roll

    Combination Sushi pack ________ $8.00

A combination of Teriyaki, Avacado, Tuna, California, Smoked salmon, vegetarian. The pack consists of 8 pieces of Sushi.

    Teriyaki Chicken pack ________ $8.00

8 pieces of Chicken Teriyaki

    Sushi platters ________ $52.00

Sushi platters are made per order, prices start from $50 for 48 mixed pices. Please contact Lai's for a quote.

      ________ $.00
      ________ $.00
Lobster pack ________ $8.00